• Magnus Lundborg

Humpback whale in South Africa

Uppdaterat: 20 maj 2021

While I was freediving in South Africa, looking for bait balls - I encountered this young humpback whale.

After spending some time on a distance, the whale started to swim closer. The whale was obviously curious and was gentle enough to swim really slowly - and enabled me to keep up whit it. At least for a while... During 20 minutes I had the strength to keep up with the whale before it lost the interest in me. But during those 20 minuets we could swim belly to belly and really interact with each other - which is not normal in cold waters. Most people go to tropical waters for those kind of encounters.

I love photograph in green-blue cold seas. It's not always easy but when you succeed you get very special photos.

Camera gear used: Canon 5DsR & 8-15 f4L + Ikelite DL

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