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Trip-report Azores

Uppdaterad: 31 maj 2019

in july 2018, i traveled to the azores to freedive with large pelagic wildlife.

This year´s first expedition started of in the Azores archipelago. This was my second trip to this amazing group of islands. A couple of years ago I travaled in the island of Sao miguel - this time, however - I had my focus set on the more remote islands of Pico and Faial. These islands is also "closer" to the diving hotspots.

My dream to encounter blue sharks finally came true. Of all the sharks in the ocean, these slim giants has got to be my fovourites. With their long fins - they are stunningly elegant. They are also very curious, and if you remain calm,they will bump into your dome port more than twice. This makes them very easy to photograph. And also - very fun to photograph.

It´s estimated that 10 to 20 million of these sharks are killed each year due to shark finning and bycatch from commercial fisheries. This makes them extremely vulnerable. The IUCN has listed them as near threatened and the population is declining.

Another pelagic animal that I encountered was the huge Mobula ray. The encounter took place in one of the most famous dive sites in the Atlantic ocean,The Princess Alice Bank. In strong current I was able to freedive and interact with a group of 19 mobulas. Unforgettable!

During my 2 weeks in the Azores I stayed on the boat "Blue bay" that´s operated by Pico sport. This company is the only one who can offer liveaboards in the Azores.

On this trip i brought the Canon 5DsR together with the Canon 8-15, 4L USM

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